How Long Does it Take to Become an Enrolled Agent?

how to become an ea

Enrolled agents may also become certified tax preparers and work with private companies. However, enrolled agents may hold additional accounting or tax certifications. Explore why tax preparers and accountants might consider pursuing the EA credential in this guide. We also cover how to become an enrolled agent and prepare for the EA exam. Clearly, before you decide to become an EA, you must know more about the designation. For starters, let’s unpack the meaning of the term “enrolled agent.” In this case, “enrolled” means to be licensed to practice by the federal government.

To provide candidates flexibility in testing because of the global pandemic, the two-year period is extended to three years. An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. You can expect to spend approximately 50 hours studying each for every exam section. There are plenty of study resources and practice tests available to help you succeed in passing. The IRS has various publications useful in studying for the examination.

How to create a plan to study for the Enrolled Agent exam

Being better prepared for the test experience will allow you to perform better the day of your test. If you have passed all three parts of the Special Enrollment Examination, you are ready to apply for enrollment. Complete the how to become an ea Form 23 enrolled agent application and pay $140. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to pick one of these careers to be in forever. You may start out in a public accounting firm, move to a bank, and then start your own business.

These guides are available for the complete exam or individual sections. Accountants have the option to earn various certifications, but few are as valuable as that of an enrolled agent (EA). This certification is the highest tax professional credential that the IRS recognizes. This means they can represent any taxpayer and any sort of tax issue before the IRS.

Top Tips for Prospective EA Accountants

You’ll also have to wait longer to finish the application process, as the review for former IRS employees can take roughly 3 months. An EA exam prep course is critical for helping you pass the exam on the first try. However, I also suggest creating a study schedule to keep you on track. With a study schedule, you’ll have a more accurate idea of when you’ll finish your exam prep and can make your testing appointment.

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